Welcome to the Grief support section

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Welcome to the Grief support section

Postby momppsp » Fri Feb 15, 2008 4:38 pm

My name is Deborah and post under momppsp. After 4 years posting my Mothers journey with PSP, I'm pleased to announce the new "Grief Support" section of the forum.

Many people who have lost loved ones from PSP have voiced their own grieving roadblocks that are preventing them from carrying on with life. I invite you to join in with your experiences, concerns, and emotions where you will find a friendly shoulder to lean on.

Also, if you lost your loved one and were weighed down with grief but managed to overcome it and move onward in life, please share the steps you took to make that happen.

Deborah-Mom w/PSP symp 9yrs+-diag. 6/04
received her wings January 10, 2008

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